Technology Matters

AI Health builds all of its solutions to be scalable, HIPAA-compliant and resilient. We create discrete service components in our open architecture that allows us to quickly create new solutions based on the building blocks of our eFamily of services.

We know technology is only part of the answer

There are far too many examples of "solutions" in the marketplace that actually seem to make things harder. We focus on the people that need the solution and how we can deliver the best experience for them. We think about each click we ask you to do, how long it takes for a response and we watch your use of the system to see where we can make it better.



eConcierge is our AI-based chat bot with advanced NLP that we use to interact with patients. It can be used to make inquiries about how a patient is feeling. It can ask them health-related survey questions (PHQ9) . It can remind them to take meds and answer med related questions. It can even complete initial triage if eWatch receives a reading that is out of range for this patient.

These conversations can occur via text, voice (e.g. Alexa, Google home) or via an app.


eWatch is our remote patient monitoring platform. This platform supports over 150 different devices and does not require any patient provided wifi.  The devices are delivered preconfigured - all the patient needs to do is plug in the AI Health hub and all their devices will automatically work. If a patient doesn't send in a scheduled reading, we automatically remind them using the eConcierge chat bot - no labor needed!

Our AI Health hub does not require access to any Wifi signal to operate. It just needs to be plugged into any wall outlet.


eMatch is our marketplace matching system. It is designed to match the specific needs of a patient with the capabilities of our PAC consortium members. Once there is a match, the patient is presented with information about each matched member and the patient then selects the agency they want to work with. After they are matched, the platform helps with the logistics and tracking of the patient's progress.