GettingHome™ - the solution for Post-Acute Care logistics

22.3% of all hospital discharges require Post-Acute Care (PAC), which equates to 9.6 million patients per year. The PAC marketplace is very messy and fragmented and this negatively impacts the outcomes for patients and hospitals.

GettingHome™ is a Post-Acute Care logistics platform that brings visibility, accountability, coordination and control to an ecosystem that has enormous variability in outcomes.

  • We help hospitals create and actively manage preferred networks of PAC agencies to quickly and safely transition patients out of the hospital.
  • We support PAC agencies in obtaining and maintaining their membership in the networks by helping them deliver superior results.
  • Finally, we assist patients in making better choices when selecting PAC agencies for their journey home.

Why is it so hard to get home?

The post-acute care (PAC) industry that supports the path from the hospital to home is fragmented, not consistently well managed and delivers widely different results. PAC includes skilled nursing facilities, rehab centers, long-term post-acute care and home health companies. As a concrete example, the home health industry is mostly comprised of many small agencies that only manage 10-40 lives (e.g. Colorado has 600+ agencies and there are over 12,400 across the country). These agencies lack the resources or skills to create the needed systems, tools and market relationships to properly manage their companies and provide the appropriate level and quality of care to the burgeoning aging population.

This fragmentation has created significant inefficiencies in the marketplace. An industry based on so many small agencies makes it difficult for high-volume discharging hospitals to place their patients. Today, hospitals use email broadcasts, phone calls or text messages to manually contact the PAC agencies they know. In most cases all known agencies get a notification and the first couple to respond get the chance to acquire the patient. An agency has the right to review the records of the patient to determine if they want to take the patient. Many complex patients may need to be shopped to more than ten agencies before they are placed because they are considered too unprofitable for an agency to touch.

GettingHome™ makes it easy

AI Health created GettingHome™, a post-acute care logistics platform that offers the needed marketing, patient bidding and placement, best practices compliance tools and related technology. It is based on a consortium model that allows the PAC agencies to maintain their independence while gaining access to new patient flow, best-of-breed technologies and best practices.

When a patient is pending discharge, their profile is loaded into GettingHome and based on the patient's special needs, physical location, insurance and other matching criteria a list of potential PAC providers is created. GettingHome automatically alerts the matching PAC agencies to see if they are interested in bidding for the patient. The PAC agencies can elect to automatically accept a patient that meets their criteria or they can review each patient.

The list of interested PAC agencies is then presented to the patient to select from. GettingHome allows the discharging entity (e.g. hospital) to craft the entire journey home for each patient. As an example, a patient may need Skilled Nursing, Rehab and then Home Health. Each step of their PAC journey can be defined and matched to an agency with those services before the patient even leaves the hospital.

Once the patient begins their PAC journey, all participating agencies in their journey home can see their progress and adjust when each transition to the next phase of care will occur based on real-time awareness of the patient's progress.

GettingHome makes the journey home as simple and effective as possible.

Next Steps...

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